Welcome to Brook Lodge Backpackers

Your go-to spot for cash and adventure in Donnybrook,
just a short drive from Perth!

In need of some cash for your travels? Look no further!

At Brook Lodge, we’ve got you covered. Our job find service is totally free, and most of the farm work we connect you with qualifies for that awesome second-year visa.
We’ll even hook you up with transportation to and from work.
How cool is that?
But hey, it’s not all work and no play at Brook Lodge!
We’re all about good vibes and creating a friendly atmosphere. Picture this: a backpacker (licensed) bar, a small cafe menu and an area where you can chill and meet fellow adventurers. Plus, we’ve got free Wi-Fi, huge grassy areas with shady trees (perfect for lazy afternoons), and games like pool, table tennis, and even outdoor chess and checkers! And don’t worry about cash—our Eftpos facilities have got you covered.
Oh, and did we mention we have a laundry room too?
Fresh clothes for the win!

We’re just a short walk from town.

Need to stock up on supplies? We’ve got shops, including a supermarket, right nearby. Craving a caffeine fix? Our local cafes have got you covered. And if you’re feeling sporty, there’s a recreation center with swimming pools, basketball courts, a gym, and squash courts. Oh, and if you need to take care of your health or get lost in a good book, the library, doctors, and dentist are just around the corner. And don’t worry about emergencies—there’s a 24-hour hospital nearby too.

Munda Biddi Cycle Track

We’ve got your back, literally! Our rooms are not just any rooms, they’re push bike-friendly havens where you can wheel your beloved bikes right in. No need to worry about essentials because we’ve got you covered with fresh linen, fluffy towels, and soap to keep you feeling fresh and clean. And let’s not forget about those heavenly hot showers to rejuvenate your tired muscles. Plus, you’ll have full access to our buzzing bar, lively café, and all the awesome facilities we have in store. So, gear up and make yourself at home while you conquer the Munda Biddi Cycle Track in style. Get ready for the backpacking adventure of a lifetime!